Monday, September 27, 2010

Recommended Listening 'Goodbye Waltz'by Laura McMillan

If you've been reading my blog for some time, you know I like to feature different 'New Age' pianists from time to time. I just stumbled upon this video and I really like it. Watch her left hand and see how much 'sound' you can get by creating a bass-chord pattern like she does.

But don't forget about the melody! A really nice one here. Simple yet profound enough to create an emotional response. I hope you enjoy Laura's music as much as I. Laura's website is at

-- Edward


  1. Wow, I am truly honored. Thank you so much for sharing my music with others! You are very kind, and I certainly do appreciate you! Thank you again and I hope you take care, Laura
    P.S. Maybe someday I will sell enough cds to get recording equipment that produces a clearer sound :)

  2. My pleasure Laura! I love your composition here. So poignant and beautiful. Your CD is in my Amazon wishlist - or will be as soon as I head over there. :)

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  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Very Beautiful,and well played, I really enjoy this sound,I hope you will continue and play more.Thank you for sharing your music with me. A Fan, In Pennsylvania.

    Dick Blocher

  5. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I love this piece. I would love to see the sheet music as I would love to be able to play it. Carollyn

  6. Thank you Dick for your very kind comment, I am thrilled you like my music! And...Carollyn, I have sheet music to 'time flies' available on my website and will have 'goodbye waltz' sheet music available soon. Thank you also, for your very kind comment~~Laura McMillan