Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doodle 4 Google Inspires New Age Piano Teacher

Well, Google‘s done it again. And this time, it has nothing to with search - at least not directly.

Doodle for Google is a competition that, according to Google, is open to K-12 students of U.S. schools to create their own Google doodle inspired by the theme, "What I'd like to do someday..."

Serious art students may put down doodling as a non-productive art form, but not New Age piano teacher Edward Weiss.

Mr. Weiss, is the creator of an online piano course that teaches adults how to play New Age piano. He's been teaching online for over 10 years so when he saw all the coverage the 'Doodle for Google' competition was generating, he got inspired.

Here's what Mr. Weiss has to say about it:

"A lot of people see New Age piano playing as doodling without really creating anything. But I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I encourage students to just have fun and play around with chords and piano keys. This 'musical doodling' has a high value in that as long as students are enjoying the process, they've succeeded.

The course Weiss teaches takes complete beginners from not knowing anything about how to play piano to being able to just sit down and play using a chord-based approach.

New Age pianist Weiss says:

"So many adults would just love to be able to play what they feel without having to read sheet music. My approach allows them to do this quickly and easily using something called open position chords. If people want to call it doodling, so be it."

When asked how doodling and New Age piano go together, Weiss responds:

"The beauty of the New Age piano style is that it's very reflective. Many people draw and doodle to get away from the worries and hassles of the day. New Age music is really no different in that students are able to just relax and play whatever's on their minds."

A free piano lesson ‘Summer Morning' and a free book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano are currently being offered at Weiss's website at

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