Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Piano Sheet Music for You - October Air

I'm giving a new lesson this Friday titled 'October Air' and I also had the music for this lesson transcribed into professional quality sheet music!

In this new lesson I explain the importance of melody and how by creating just a simple theme, the entire piece becomes recognizable -- regardless of the harmony used!

Meaning ... you can use simple diatonic harmony, i.e., Key of C Major to create with and the music will not sound like a harmonic wash. Not that there's anything wrong with a harmonic wash. :)

In the new lesson I'll show you how I created this step-by-step and how you can do it as well. Hint ... this entire piece is just an 8-bar phrase repeated twice!

In your new lesson, I lay it out for you and show you just how easy this is to do!

For the note readers among us, here is your free piano sheet music!

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