Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Recommended Video: Reflections of Autumn

Ok. Debussy isn't really New Age. But ... I do consider him to be the true father of New Age piano. Why? Because of the impressionisitc way he paints with sound. I love it!

I found this video and wanted to share it with you. I love how the visuals compliment the music and vice versa.

Debussy was a big fan of the whole tone scale. This scale eliminates something called the tri-tone - the chord that allows for and creates tension. Think G7 to C Major. The ambiance created with the whole tone scale is almost 'asian' in flavor. In fact, Debussy was inspired by Javanese Gamelan music of all things.

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  1. David Morgan5:53 AM


    Shimmering water, mirrored by the music ascending, descending captivates the listener to the point where it is difficult to separate the two.

    Later, ascending into the trees with the gentle movement of the leaves as the breeze interrupts their stillness, again takes the listener into a quiet moment of wonder.

    Excellent video and music combination.

    Glad to have had attention drawn to it by you Edward.