Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Recommended Listening - "Breath" by Galya

Breathing space. A quality important in New Age piano music (and many other kinds of music as well.) She 'gets it.' No rushing here. No need too.

But what I'd like for you to get here is the 'textural' approach. This piece is very 'textural.' That is, she's playing chords and using those chords to create interesting patterns. Melody is present but it's the underlying harmonies that take center stage here.

Much like what George Winston used to do in his older material. You take a few chords, create some kind of ostinato pattern and have fun creating! And this piece by Galya is a perfect example of this.


  1. sophie ragborg2:03 PM

    Great piece! Don´t even know which words could decribe exactly how relaxed i´m feeling. Am going to bed with a smile on my face - thanks again Edward !

  2. wow, thats amazing. gave me chills. hopefully i can get to that point. a bit discouraged at the moment, but wow, i think i will listen again.

  3. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Nice piece. I like it. I found it on http://www.sheetmus.com, in case anybody wanted to find it.